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Thread: Is your Samsung this annoying?

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    Is your Samsung this annoying?

    I'm using an S5, and it does some things that really annoy me, so I'm in the market for a new phone. I'd like another Samsung, but do they all do this kind of crap?

    "You're Listening to high volume" NO I'M NOT IT'S PLUGGED INTO MY CAR STEREO.

    "Your phone is on silent" Yes. I know. I PUT IT ON VIBRATE A YEAR AGO

    "Check battery cover" I didn't take my phone apart.

    "Check charging cover"

    It does this kind of garbage every time I plug in/unplug/power on/off.
    Another thing I can't stand about my S5 is that I HAVE to use a passcode to use my phone because it will turn on in my pocket just from working because of the button on the front face. Even with that, I've had it turn on in my pocket and completely wear my battery down, if I'm crawling around on the ground and crap.

    It makes me want to throw my phone in the trash and get a flip phone.

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    Well the volume notification was put in because we like to sue people when we are dumb.. all android phones do that.

    The check battery cover/charging port is because of the water resistance - once again because some idiot would try to leave it open then ***** when it got water damage.. Samsung covering their *** (these are removed on later hardware, as everything is "sealed up")
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