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Thread: SprintFreeMsg: oops!

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    SprintFreeMsg: oops!

    SprintFreeMsg: oops! Your message to xxx-xxx-xxxx cannot be delivered as the destination address is not valid. please verify the number.

    BTW...the error msg is coming from 3344.

    first of all;; the destination number is correct ! and it is not an 'address' as the error indicates but a cell phone number that i am sending the msg to.

    anyone get this error message?
    what does it mean?
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    I have the same thing all over my sprint text log, it's all incoming no outgoing text to 3344. I even called sprint and they had no idea what is was. What I found on Google is either this is what happens when you send an email through the text app instead of email like gmail or yahoo, or your sending a picture or some kind of file that is to large. I've yet to find a confident answer from anyone. If you figure out lmk.

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