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Thread: Motorola's 2017 lineup gets leaked in its entirety, from ultra-budget to flagship

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    Motorola's 2017 lineup gets leaked in its entirety, from ultra-budget to flagship

    Remember when Motorola had a simple three-device lineup: E, G, and X? Those days are no more, and a leaked presentation slide courtesy of master leakster @evleaks is here to prove it. According to this, Moto will now have five levels of smartphones, each with their own target buyers.

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    Post Evan Blass Tweets Entire Moto 2017 Lineup

    Ah, you beat me to it! Adding in some additional details to draw folks here from the front page...

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    You can't deny it, nine devices in one leaked photo is both impressive and efficient. Details are scant, but here's my transcription of what's in the slide, from top and bottom, and left to right:

    Moto Z Play – 5.5 inch FHD, supports Moto Mods
    Moto Z Force – shatterproof display, Moto Mods, Gigabit LTE
    Moto X – 5.2 inch FHD, 3D Glass (?) SmartCam (?)
    Moto gS – 5.2 inch FHD, full metal body
    Moto gS+ – 5.5 inch FHD, dual cameras
    Moto E – 5 inch HD (720p) display, 2.5D / FPS (?)
    Moto E Plus – 5.5 inch HD, 5,000 mAh battery
    Moto C – 5 inch FW (854 x 480 pixel) display
    Moto C Plus – 5 inch HD, 4,000 mAh battery

    There's some additional information out there about the Moto X; according to Blass it will actually be called the Moto X4, and Android Police has some additional specs:

    Snapdragon 660 processor
    64 GB storage / 4 GB RAM
    3xCA (3x carrier aggregation)
    IP68 dust and water resistance
    Turbo charging

    AP suspects that the "3D glass" is just a display with curved edges à la Samsung, but doesn't have any ideas about what the "SmartCam" could be.

    What do we think of the 2017 Motos?

    Sources: @evleaks on Twitter (1) (2), Android Police, Liliputing
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    I have the 'existing' Moto X Pure - and its probably as good as the new Moto X4.
    - QHD (2560x1440) vs 1080p !?
    - Gorilla glass
    - Turbo charging
    - CAT6 LTE (3xCA)
    - 21MP camera
    Hmm... what is 'better' on the 'new' Moto X ? Maybe this is why they haven't upgraded the OS yet on the X Pure.

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