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Thread: Keitai Qualifications

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    Keitai Qualifications

    I've recently gotten interested in the idea of using a keitai, as I've become disenchanted with the Android slab I currently posses (and am trying to get rid of.) I found this forum looking for advice.

    Here are my qualifications for a keitai:
    --3G/4G data and Wifi/Internet access
    --Android OS (preferably KitKat or Lollipop)
    --Google Play services and light app usage (Google Hangouts and Duolingo are about all I use)
    --Good battery life
    --Easy on the pocket (I'm in between jobs right now.)

    I've looked at the Freetel Musashi as a possible choice, but I'm interested in perhaps examining other models. Also, I'm new here, so I apologize if I messed anything up or sounded confusing. What do you guys recommend?

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