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Thread: Power Strips With USB Ports

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    Power Strips With USB Ports

    I am in the market for a couple of power strips with USB ports. What are some with the greatest number of AC outlets and USB ports? I have seen the one from Monoprice, which is 12 AC outlets and 2 USB ports.

    I have also seen one from Anker that is only 6 AC outlets, but has 4 USB ports. Does anybody happen to know if there are any that have 12 AC outlets and 4, or more, USB ports?

    I might even be inclined to get a tower design, like the Safemore power strip. It does have 14 outlets and 4 USB ports.

    Are they all created equally? I suspect that they are not. If possible, I would like to stay under $30.
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    I picked up a 6 outlet plus 4 usb strip off Ebay for $16 delivered . It is a" Poweradd " brand. I haven`t received it yet but they got good reviews on Ebay and Amazon. There are a lot of different ones to choose from.

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