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    iPhone w/ WiFi Calling & Battery Life

    iPhone se 64gb
    iOS 10.3.2

    So I guess Verizon is last to the table on WiFi calling but I'm glad it's here. I have an office where I have just 1 bar showing and the phone struggled to maintain it's connection. I would have dropped calls constantly and even when WiFi arrived the phone seemed to struggle deciding on whether it wanted to go with the cell signal or the WiFi. I started going on Airplane mode and turning on WiFi when I got to the office. Not only do I now have crystal clear drop free calling, but my battery life is way up. The SE already had very good battery life and almost always got me through a full day but I'm getting to 5 o'clock with still more than 50%!

    If I can only figure out how to get the iPhone to automatically turn off the cellular radio's when on a good WiFi network I'll never have battery issues again.


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    If Verizon is anything like AT&T, I just put my phone in Airplane mode and turn on Wi-Fi on my phone and connect to my Wi-Fi. That works for me.
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