Hey forum,

I recently upgraded to the S8 (having the S6 previously) and had some questions on the photo and photo editing options. While most of the features stayed the same and I like to think of myself as resourceful enough to find the answers on my own, I haven't been able to. If anybody has some insight that would be great.

1. The photos come out in a semi-wide angle. Is there an editing feature that straightens out the wide angle? I use photo editing software (Photoshop/Lightroom) and this feature is under the "lens corrector" tab. It basically straightens out the wide angles so you get a straighter photo. If there is an option to not take a photo in wide angle that would be great too. I did not seem to see this in the options.

2. I understand the "burst" option when taking photos. I would think this option was so that you don't have random people or objects in a picture that you are taking (i.e. tourists in a background), but is there an option that actually merges these photos together and takes the unwanted objects out? I thought I remember there was some sort of editing option in the S4 or S5 days that did something like this, but can't find it on the S8. I don't recall ever seeing that on my S6. Also, one of the latest S8 commercials where this guy takes pictures of the girl and basically ignores any people in the background, makes it seem like that is a possible option.