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Thread: How is the Samsung S8+ Bluetooth and Audio Chip?

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    How is the Samsung S8+ Bluetooth and Audio Chip?

    I have Samsung Note 5 and connected to U.E Boom box using Bluetooth. I noticed the sound is not very clear and not loud at all coming from the U.E boom box.

    I connected my Iphone 6 using B.T and sound quality and volume level is much better.

    Any idea if this is software issue or Samsung lacking of audio chip and B.T driver issue?

    any one can compare and do test using S8+?

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    With my S8, the sound quality over BT is noticeably better than what I had from my S6. And my BT connections happen much faster too. Typically within a second my S8 connects to the device. With my S6 it would take several seconds for the same devices.

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