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Thread: Chatr issues (are others experiencing? )

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    Chatr issues (are others experiencing? )

    So I'm still relatively new to chatr (3 months new) and just at the beginning of my second month I started noticing on chatr's site and when doing *255# and *611 that my data and been going faster then what my phone tells me I've used. I have a firewall on my phone and also 2x data usage apps on top of the android's builtin data usage monitoring.

    Last month chatr says i used 1.98 GB but my phone and apps say 250MB used.

    So I was going to switch but found that they now offer 6GB then after my net is limited. So i picked that plan and again same issues with my data not being correct.

    I know for a fact that I'm not using the amount that chatr says I've used as most of the time I'm on WiFi with data turned off. But when I'm using wifi with data turned on I keep my apps from connecting to the data with the firewall. I only allow apps to access data when i need to use that particular app. Once I'm done with that app i turn firewall back on for that app.

    Also what is with chatr selling android phones if chatr blocks 22000 google 2 step verification that is now mandatory with google services?

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    So, *225# shows 3.38GB remaining which means 6GB - 3.38GB = 2.62GB used. I would assume this does not include data used outside of the zone, so my phone should show more used.

    My phone (Nexus 5) shows 2.86GB used. So this looks about right to me.

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