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Thread: Fitbit Sales Go Flat

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    Post Fitbit Sales Go Flat

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    The International Data Corporation (IDC) has published some stats for wearable sales in the first quarter of this year, which I caught on Liliputing. The big story? Fitbit has been overtaken in sales and market share by both Apple and Xiaomi. This doesn't necessarily mean that Fitbit has fallen out of favour with its user base, but might indicate that the market for fitness trackers is at the saturation point.

    According to the numbers Apple and Samsung have both shown impressive year over year growth, at 64.1 and 90.8% respectively. Xiaomi's dominant market share certainly caught me by surprise, until I realized that their cheap and cheerful Mi Band 2 is available through Amazon Prime in Canada and the USA. Also of interest is the complete absence of any specific device running Android Wear. A breakdown of market share by wearable OS would have been instructive here.

    To put wearable shipments in perspective, IDC reports that Samsung shipped 79.2 million phones in the same quarter as Apple's 3.6 million smartwatches and Xiaomi's 3.6 million fitness trackers. In other words, the addressable market for these things is still pretty small.

    Links: IDC (1) (2), Liliputing, Mi Band 2 on Amazon (1) (2)
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    While I'm not surprised by Fitbit dropping (they killed Kenny...err, Pebble) Xiaomi is the big story here.
    I went for a Samsung Gear Fit 2 as I thought integration with my Samsung phone would be seamless, but not too many people bought that and Band 2 wins because of price. Otherwise, with 80 mil phones sold, Sammy should be #1

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    I've been using Fitbits for seven years now. Since June 2010. Currently I'm on my third one. But I will never get one that you wear around your wrist. I only use the ones that clip on a pants pocket. I stopped wearing watches at the end of the 20th century. After wearing them for three decades. And I have no desire to go back to wearing something around my wrist.

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