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Thread: OpenSignal’s State of LTE for June, 2017

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    Post OpenSignal’s State of LTE for June, 2017

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    OpenSignal has published their semi-annual "state of LTE" report, with data from more than half a million devices across some 75 countries. The graph above is likely the one that you'll be most interested in, ranking average 4G download speeds by country. The top 10 are as follows:

    Singapore: 45.62 Mbps
    South Korea: 43.46 Mbps
    Hungary: 42.61 Mbps
    Norway: 41.36 Mbps
    Netherlands: 38.36 Mbps
    Luxembourg: 35.44 Mbps
    Croatia: 35.19 Mbps
    New Zealand: 34.91 Mbps
    Bulgaria: 34.07 Mbps
    Australia: 33.76 Mbps

    And if you were wondering what speeds were like closer to home:

    Canada (13th): 30.58 Mbps
    USA (59th): 14.99 Mbps

    For further insights see the link directly below. And if you disagree with the data you can make it more accurate for their next report by downloading the OpenSignal app for Android or iOS.

    Source: OpenSignal
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    A little surprised the us is a little on the weak side still. Either way I'm happy with my T-Mobile speeds and LTE availability

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    What, slower speeds than Russia?? Where are all of our priorities?? So much concern over the alleged Russian collusion when we have this to deal with

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    I get over 100Mb/s download speeds over LTE here in the DC area on Verizon wireless. But this is with a Galaxy S8. When I had an S6, my speeds were half that. People must be getting some seriously slow speeds, in places in the US, to bring the average down so low.

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