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Thread: ZTE Grand X4 Band 13

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    ZTE Grand X4 Band 13

    Unfortunately, the ZTE Grand X4 does not have band 13 enabled, meaning that it will not be able to access Freedom's only low frequency spectrum (better coverage and building penetration) when it rolls out.

    However, it appears that the hardware side of the phone can support band 13...
    1. the antenna is compatible with both band 12 and band 17 (other bands in the 700Mhz range)
    2. the processor, a Snapdragon 425 MSM8917, is band 13 compatible on other phones such as the Moto E (4th gen.) and Verizon LG K20 V

    Therefore, a software update should be able to enable band 13...but that likely will not happen. I doubt ZTE would go through the process to get band 13 certification from the ISED.

    I have done some initial searching and this is what I've found so far:

    XDA Developers thread detailing how to unlock additional LTE bands (for OnePlus One devices)

    XDA thread about rooting the device

    I do not have the necessary experience to figure out how to enable this myself; perhaps someone who has more experience might be able to. Obviously a working root will have to be found before any LTE bands can actually be enabled.

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    So does this mean that anyone who just bought this phone, to take advantage of Freedoms new LTE on band 66, might now have to purchase yet another phone to use the superior penetration features of band 13?

    If about bad timing, luck or what have you.
    Pixel 2.
    Nexus 5.

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    Its usually not that simple unless the device has all the proper NV items for B13. The NV item to toggle it on/off only works if all of those are already populated.
    A quick test would be to enable the band and check for Bellus B13 (if deployed in your area).

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