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Thread: Corporate stores now charge for sim cards!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gedster314 View Post
    Not in a store but online and on the phone they do. When on the phone, just give them the sim number, don't tell them it's an H2O sim. I have two devices on ATT and they are using H2O sims.
    So if you call AT&T and just give them the ICCID of the H2O SIM, it will activate on an AT&T postpaid line?

    How about a GoPhone line?

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    I just activated on Friday an unlocked Nexus 5X on AT&T Prepaid in a corporate store and they didn't charge me anything above and beyond the service fee for the month ($40 plus sales tax). By the way, in general the cs in our local corporate store has been awesome and to me is a nice perk being on AT&T. They have more than once helped me with some oddball issue that I was not able to solve online or via phone, including bad SIM cards--no charge for new ones several times over the past several years. And, I'm not normally an in-store person. If I can do it online I will.

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    Like I mentioned earlier, each store can set their own policies so in this case the old adage YMMV applies. Not all experiences will be the same for all customers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawandorder View Post
    Never been charged for a sim adding or replacing a sim via cs 🏻🏻🏻
    Me neither but I will only add a line with a promotion. Last line I added included a BOGO phone.

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