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Remember the Discover Card ads where customers are calling in to doppelganger service reps? I love ‘em. They nailed it. Because your company should look as diverse as your customers!

In today’s incredibly dynamic mobile marketplace, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of our company and culture makes solid business sense. But, whatever industry you’re in, it could do the same for your company, too.

Open up to diversity. Commit to inclusion. Embrace the future. Your people and culture, your business and your bottom line will reap the rewards.

It goes without saying that 72.6 million T-Mobile customers are just about as diverse as America itself. No two of our customers look, love and believe quite the same way. So, it only makes sense that the employees who serve them should reflect that same broad spectrum.

That’s why T-Mobile supports LGBTQ causes and activities—not only during Pride Month every June—but throughout the year every year.

That’s why T-Mobile leaders not only celebrate diversity and inclusion, but also ensure these principles are core to our company culture and our formal hiring practices and all company policies.

That’s why Hispanic, Black, Asian and other minorities make up well over half—a full 62%—of all our employees.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Access for Disabilities Network to sponsor activities and events like the Special Olympics for four years running. And why T-Mobile call centers across the country also provide ongoing support to individuals with disabilities.

That’s why our Un-CEO, John Legere, took a stand and made a point of taking the Diversity & Inclusion Pledge.

And that’s why T-Mobile has*28 local diversity and inclusion chapters across the country. These local D&I Chapters make inclusion a reality by supporting all employees in being their authentic self at work.

Of course, we still have work to do. Today, not quite half—42%—of our employees are women. But we’re getting there. And like many companies, we still have diversity work to do at our senior levels.

In short, we embrace diversity and inclusion—not only because it's the right thing to do—but also because it’s a real competitive advantage. With such a diverse team at*T-Mobile, we're able to reach and understand subscribers from all walks of life. With our diverse points of view, we’re in a far better position to innovate fresh, disruptive moves and rewrite the rules of this industry.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! You can reach me here and on Twitter @SievertMike.