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Thread: N8 issues

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    Question N8 issues

    Anyone still here? For a couple of reasons which are beyond the scope of this discussion, I dragged out the Nokia N8 I was using just a few short years ago to see if it was still working. It is but there are some issues:
    1. The most important seems to be that it is incapable of receiving SMS. I've tried two SIMs and it does not work with either. It received a configuration message just fine but can't receive SMS from other phones or Google Voice.
    2. The phone does not want to stay connected to WiFi more than a couple of minutes.

    When I first powered it up, the phone asked to download 7 updates but the update server seems to be no longer in service. (Small wonder, that.) Is there any way to obtain the past updates for these old Symbian phones?
    Donald Newcomb

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    I'm using an E73 (3rd Edition) but can offer some tech support 101 if you're still having issues. My carrier is T-Mobile and I have no problems with SMS/MMS, so that much should be fixable. I also don't have problems with WiFi disconnecting, but then don't use it very often. Assuming it's not the hardware, if you're connecting at all, I'd like to think that's also fixable.

    Incidentally, my biggest issue is that Nokia never supported encryption beyond TLS 1.0, which today makes maybe 15-20% of web sites inaccessible without resorting to Opera Mini.

    For firmware, find your product code at then use the form at . It should still be available.

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