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Thread: Sprint road trip - Central Illinois to Upstate NY

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    Sprint road trip - Central Illinois to Upstate NY

    I drove a thousand miles across IL, IN, OH, PA and all across upstate NY. Sprint was solid across Illinois, Indiana and most of Ohio. No complaints, good data and phone service. Once we got to Erie PA though it all changed and not for the good. Unusable LTE in Erie quickly turned into 3G/1x coverage across the majority of the NY state thruway with the exception of the city of Buffalo. I came across a band 41 tower in Syracuse and the rest of the drive was 3G/1x until past Utica. Then it was sporadic 5 mhz band 25 that Speedtest showed at 5 down and 4 up for speed. Where we are moving to in upstate NY is minimal LTE and the phone frequently goes to extended 3G or 1x. Very disappointed with what I got for service from a national carrier. I will be going back to AT&T when we move.

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    Would you mind sharing this over on Reddit at r/Sprint?

    There are many Redditors in the Sprint forum that use this information to track the performance of Sprint's network.

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