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Thread: An Early, Blurry Peek at What Could Be The Nokia 8

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    Post An Early, Blurry Peek at What Could Be The Nokia 8

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    While we await the North American début of the Nokia 6 (come on, unlockable bootloader!) here's an early look at its bigger sibling, via some promotional materials that someone leaked to a Chinese tech blog. The blurry photo on the left shows a top-mounted headphone jack, bottom-mounted stereo speakers and a USB-C connector. The less blurry photo on the right shows what looks like an edge-to-edge display and multiple colour options.

    The rumoured release for the Nokia 8 is July or August—in China, anyway—and specs are thought to be as follows:

    Snapdragon 835 processor
    6 inch 2K display
    6 GB of RAM / 128 GB of storage

    What's especially interesting is the price: 3188 CNY, which converts to about $469 USD. That's $10 cheaper than the starting price of a OnePlus 5.

    Could these leaked materials be fake? Absolutely. There is ample evidence of another Nokia flagship, the Nokia 9, which seems to have a design language more in line with the already-released 6. Whatever the case, it's going to be an interesting year for Nokia and Android fans!

    Sources: CNMO via BGR, Nokia Power User
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    Post The Nokia 8 Breaks Cover

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    Okay, so forget the previous leak that will appear above or below this post... this is the Nokia 8, confirmed by none other than Evan Blass himself. Notice the Zeiss logo on the camera lens assembly—happy days for Nokia fans! I'm also liking the navy blue trim; according to the source, Nokia's first proper Android flagship will also be available in a blue/gold or copper/gold combination, and also "steel".

    With all the conflicting information the specs sheet isn't yet 100% clear; all we know for certain is that the 8 will have a Snapdragon processor and QHD display. Its European variant will likely have dual-SIM support, though there may be single-SIM versions as well. The phone has already made an appearance at the FCC as model number TA-1012.

    As for the Nokia 9, Blass doesn't believe that it exists.

    The Nokia 8 could launch as early as July 31st, and a Scandinavian site has indicated a retail price of €589, or about $675 USD. Taxes are notoriously high in Europe, though, and VAT means that all taxes are included in the sticker price. In other words, it may sell for a little cheaper than that.

    Who's ready to rock a Nokia again?

    Source: WinFuture via VentureBeat

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