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Thread: Something seriously wrong with data speed in N. California

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    I've had good experiences with AT&T in San Francisco proper (through the end of 2016) except on the Bart to Oakland where they were pretty bad.

    I stayed in Palo Alto last year during a conference at VMWare and while my phone stayed on "4G," most of the time instead of LTE speeds were usable.
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    Strongly suggest buying a phone with Carrier Aggregation if you are getting slow speeds during impacted periods. The problem is one band alone is getting jammed up by all the new Unlimited plan customers - Carrier Aggregation helps bypass this.

    Even the Moto E4 I think lacks Carrier Aggregation on all models, so upgrading to a device that can do 2xCA or 3xCA would really help with slow speeds for many. (Temp Mod Note: Non-profit)

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