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Thread: Is New Unlimited Different Than Grandfathered Unlimited?

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    Is New Unlimited Different Than Grandfathered Unlimited?

    Hey Guys,
    I'm sure this has been posted a bunch of times so apologies if it has. I'm heading out of the country tomorrow and was interested in changing to AT&Ts new unlimited plan today since it includes data in Mexico. Is there any disadvantage of moving away from their grandfathered unlimited plan that I got with the original iPhone?

    Thanks so much!

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    The only disadvantage of switching to the new unlimited data plan is that you would lose your company discount (if you had one).
    I got rid of my grandfathered unlimited data plan in favor of the first new unlimited data plan without DTV so I can use my AT&T line when I'm in Mexico, I still get the company discount on this old unlimited data plan but you'll lose the company discount if you had one if you switch to the new unlimited data plan.

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