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    Hearing another persons phone call while on my cellphone...anyone experience this?


    So this has happened twice over the last few days. I'll be on the phone talking to a friend and in the middle of the conversation I hear a bunch of static and I hear another persons conversation. I can hear two people talking. I can't really make out what their saying because it's so faint and static. It lasts maybe 20-30 seconds then cuts out and my call is perfectly clear again.

    Wondering if this has ever happened to anyone before? I have an iPhone.

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    Haven't noticed anything like that since my college days with a landline.

    Is it the same friend? And does she/he have a landline? With all the digital technology in current cell phone service, it is hard to believe it has anything to do with the cell phone portion of the service.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and state what I think is the obvious. This is not an issue specific to an iPhone. You might want to either make a new post in the forum for your carrier here on HoFo, or a mod can move it.

    Also, I doubt it's on the cell end, sounds more like your other caller, unless they're on a cell phone too.

    EDIT: disregard, I see you posted in your carrier forum as well, so I think that's the right place to get an answer.

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