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Thread: Sprint Headed for Massive MIMO Deployments in 2018, Four Carrier Aggregation

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamons36 View Post
    The majority of upstate NY is 5 MHz band 25, a second carrier would do wonders there. No B41 outside of Syracuse and Buffalo that I have personally seen. I would love Sprint to densify up here as I roam on Verizon or AT&T if we are a couple miles away from the tower. Slow download too on 5x5, highest I got was 4 mb down
    Spectrum Omega shows they own the C Block in Buffalo Rochester Syracuse so 10x10 on B25 is possible. In Rochester 15x15 would be possible. Thos neighbor Rochester so I'm not sure if 15x15 is possible or not

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    No B41 in eastern upstate NY

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