Weird how two Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones upgraded differently. My husband's went into a loop and would turn on and then shut off. He had to factory reset his phone. Fortunately he had everything backed up on Kies. My Note 3 took the upgrade in stride. Had one bad moment after the upgrade installed with a couple of my apps becoming transparent for a short time. When I entered the my ereader app it gave error message. But shortly after that it seemed to click in and that the other other apps work fine now. I even transferred a couple of apps to SD which I thought wasn't supposed to work. I am still able to access my SD card through samsung's file manager. My watery type login on the lock screen still works too. The only thing that doesn't happen is the camera icon on the lock screen because of the type of login I use. I also noticed that when I played music on my phone that the music player takes over the whole lock screen and my regular picture is gone.