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Thread: This is the Smartwatch that will Save Fitbit...?

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    Post This is the Smartwatch that will Save Fitbit...?

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    If you say so...

    Wareable scored a nice little scoop with some exclusive renders of Project Higgs—aka the Fitbit smartwatch—which they insist is the final design for the product. I use the term "design" loosely here, because I think this thing is as ugly as hell, only slightly less hideous than Fitbit's existing Blaze.

    Note that the Fitbit logo takes up a full fifth of the front face.

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    The back of the watch has a deliberate protrusion to better lock on to your heart rate. Wareable is speculating that the blue light at the bottom is a pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen levels. Whatever the case, it looks super-uncomfortable.

    The strap looks like it has a proprietary connection but can at least be swapped out. That's a good thing, as Fitbit's straps have a tendency to break. A lot.

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    There will apparently be three available colour combinations, none of which will do anything for its looks. You'll only ever want to wear this for a night out if that night out is at the gym.

    Mind you, this derision and disdain is coming from a self-professed smartwatch design snob; what do you think of Fitbit's smartwatch?

    Source: Wareable
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    Hahahahaha....good riddance to a horrible company....what a joke!!

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    The wife got a Fitbit and overall it sucked. Says she wouldn't buy anything from them again

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