I bought a refurbed S7 Active from an on-line business, and it carries a 60 day no-hassle return for any reason. I like the phone (but I also like my S3, and my buggy S4 which keeps telling me SIM not detected... but that for another thread).

So I've had this S7 for about 10 days or so, and just noticed today that some apps won't download (GasBuddy), and another app, Gas 'Guru, installed ok, but whenever you tap on any one of the gas stations listed, the app quits with a message that Gas Guru has unexpectedly stopped'.

I moved the app from system mem to SD, cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled 4 or 5 times, rebooting the phone first, and checkd all settings that I thought could interfere. Nada. Any thoughts on this? Is it the phone?

BTW, I installed and ran both of the previous apps on my S3 and S4, without any probs.