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Thread: Transfer app data to new phone?

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    Transfer app data to new phone?

    What does everyone do to transfer apps & app data to a new phone?

    I have a rooted Moto G4 that I can back up apps/data with Titanium Backup no problems. However, I recently got a great deal on a Verizon E4 and want to play around with it. But since it's bootloader unlock. I'm going crazy trying to transfer my app data to the E4

    I've used Helium in the past to backup and restore data for unrooted phones. But it generally doesn't work for Motorola phones for some reason. It definitely is not working on my Moto G4. So, how do I transfer app data to the E4, which is, ironically, recognized by Helium?

    I have never been a fan of iPhone, but they at least have a method to transfer app data to to a new phone, an area that Android is most definitely lacking. It appears that whenever non-geeks get a new android, there is no method to transfer all of their app data to the new phone. How ridiculous is that? If i ever get another new phone that can't be rooted, I'm screwed if I want to keep my app data, such as from my Memo app, etc.. For those that have game progress, they lose it all.

    Any ideas?

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    If you can backup the old phone data on computer, it is possible to copy the data to your new phone directly.
    If not, find a phone to phone or mobile transfer tool to help you, it can support to transfer app data from one device to another device.
    When you have a new phone, try to backup the old phone data in a safe way and move it to your new phone.
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