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Thread: GPS not working on LG Vista

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    GPS not working on LG Vista

    The GPS has never worked well on my Vista. Can't find location or if it does it loses it again.Makes using navigation apps useless. I've ordered a G3 hoping it will be better. Anyone have a G3, is the GPS better or no good like the Vista.

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    A while back I was looking at getting a LG G Vista and I read some reviews from users that the GPS on that model was spotty, so I passed on it. I ended up getting a LG Optimus G Pro, but that one had a poor GPS also.

    I used to have a cheapie LG Ultimate 2 and it had a great GPS. I'd use it all day for field work and hiking and it never dropped the signal. It was a real workhorse of a phone.
    I recently got a cheapie LG Optimus Zone 3. I haven't used it a lot yet but the GPS got a fix right away when I first tested it.

    Not sure why the some of the higher end phones don't work as well as the cheaper ones.

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    How to fix Bad GPS and Cell Phone Signal for LG

    Step 1:
    Tools required.

    Step 2
    Open the back panel and locate these three connectors.

    Step 3
    Gently lift up all three connectors.

    Step 4
    Cut a piece of thin cardboard.

    Step 5
    Cut the pieces close to the size of the connectors.

    Step 6
    Place the cardboard pieces under all three connectors.

    Step 7
    Gently press down the conectors.

    Step 8
    Close the back panel.

    and your done!

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