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Thread: Activate an older qwerty using SIM from a flip?

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    Activate an older qwerty using SIM from a flip?

    I have an unactivated SIM from a z222 flip i got in 2016 and wonder if anyone has activated a phone using a SIM from another phone?

    I have an Alcatel OT871A qwerty i used back in 2013 and i put the z222 SIM in it, was able to dial the help desk although the robogal told me to call from another phone.

    Is it ok to use the SIM if it fits or is there some reason i shouldn't try it?

    I want the 25c paygo plan but not sure if i should activate an Alcatel Ideal smartphone on that plan or if i can, or should i just do it using the old qwerty with the z222 SIM. Have to use a stylus since the qwerty keypad is kid sized and the Ideal touchscreen would be easier.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    The SIM card should be fine

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    Sim is a Sim is a sim

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