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Thread: Port or AOL to friend's February UDP

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    Port or AOL to friend's February UDP

    gUDP is finally coming to an end for me. Two lines are up end of October, other three in a year. But with the new caps to video bandwidth, I am going to call and get our of my contracts early and refuse to pay any ETF.

    My friend has the February UDP with 5 lines, and I like the price point when you get 10 lines on that plan! He is willing to let me move all 5 of mine to his.

    Would this be an AOL, or would they just let him port the numbers from my Verizon line to his?

    If I have to, I'll port all 5 lines to a pre-paid for a few days if that makes life easier...

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    You want to go the aol route you should be able to get them all transferred without any extra charges or fees but I don't know of any way to do it without talking to a rep. You can release the lines on your end online or by callling in.

    You will want to have your ETF removed first before doing so as to avoid potential problems.
    Couple of reports of people doing this:

    You could also port out to a prepaid and then port in to his account and not have to talk to anyone however that will result in 5 $30 activation activation fees on your friends account.

    Again be sure and get the contracts removed before moving anything. Port would result in ETF. AOL wouldn't but would result in an extra $20/mo charge on in contract lines until the contract expires.

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