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Thread: We can now Change Call Display Name ourself???

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    We can now Change Call Display Name ourself???

    Fido seems to have quietly launched a new ability to change your Call Display Name by yourself. Has anyone tried it? They even promote in their ads, that you can make it something fun like "Batman".

    Has anyone tried this? Will it mess anything up on my account? Currently I have an alternate call display name (other than my real name) already but I wouldn't mind changing it to something else. I just don't want anything to F up and go back to my real name.

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    Hey Mark2000!

    I'll jump in on this one!

    Changing your outgoing call display will not affect anything else on your account except the name people see when you give them a call. Give it a try! You can make the change yourself through My Account on

    - Amanda

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    I have 2 lines on my account. I remember then back from the first time I had both no that i called cs to set on my no i use to be displayed my name and on the other to be displayed my wife's.

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