Not sure if this is where to ask.

I got the Galaxy S8+ totally unlocked, etc. just a few months ago. Wanted to wait for the Note, but circumstances dictated otherwise.

Hardly used, and I did not use anything that came in the box, so I think the term for it is "mint". I will probably wait fo the Note to be say 2 months old before I make the leap.

But since I already have a good idea what I will do now, what is recommended as to how to deal with this? Howard Forums has always been the best; you guys will know what is the best thing I should do, etc.

I have a slight handicap, and I MUST carry around a stylus. Got one with a wire mesh tip because I was told it cannot damage anything, seems to be correct.

Since this will be a close upgrade, I don't need to throw in the stuff I bought, it will be equally useful, but I did get the Otterbox black Strada Folio case for the S8+; of course that goes with it, etc.

Any tips. especially since this is predictably months off.