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Thread: H2O Rewards, a complete SCAM?

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    Angry H2O Rewards, a complete SCAM?

    I have referred numerous people and have never received a credit.
    I even was running an auction on ebay for the coupon url, and sold
    several at 99 cents. The minimum I could list for.
    I even refunded the 99 cents. I can't verify those, but
    for certain my sig other, is using it, I set her up, used the link for the Sim etc.

    I didn't the $25 and she didn't get the $10.
    I called Cust Service and they guy in India hung up on me.

    I looked at the terms and conditions page and sent an email to the email listed there,
    and it bounced.

    So....what to do?

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    Same issue here, no one seems to care about this. We dropped H20 and went with another carrier as a result.

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