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Thread: Changing plans

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    Changing plans

    My Sig other (gf sounds so trivial when you've lived with someone for year and years...)
    used up her 3G's of LTE data so, next auto recharge we need to switch her to 6G's.
    Not sure where all her data is going, she's on wifi most of the time.

    She leaves her GPS on most of the time, while I turn it off.
    Could that have anything to do with it?

    But in any case, I didn't see anyway to change plans other than to cancel auto refill before existing plan runs out, and then,
    change plans. But there's this ominous message about cancelling auto refill on the website, that's not
    entirely clear, and don't want her to get disconnected....service goes through the 20th of Sept.

    When you dial 611 it tells you if change rate plans, you'll lose the existing amount of service left.

    So....whats the best way to do this? The customer service is useless, so rather not speak to them...unless someone has a
    positive interaction in this regard by doing so.

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    Have you considered the $50 unlimited plan over at Cricket. It will work with her phone. Also, she may want to turn off cellular data when on wifi since something is draining the data.
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