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    Just finished a chat with P+. My wife's phone is on the $29 monthly plan with 1Gb data. Data ran out a couple days ago, which is weird because she's not a heave data user. The same problem happened last month. But I did not pay much attention. This time I checked online call records. The usage is only 24M. I contacted P+ and am very disappointed by their service attitude. They simply said that the online call records are not accurate and that they do not have a complete data usage record. There is no explanation whatsoever. They just trust their system and are not willing to investigate into the problem at all. Therefore, I can only do what a customer is capable of: leave. Maybe I'll file a complaint with BBB if I have time. It's time to move on. Just want to share it with y'all.

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    TracFone doesn't care. Best choice really is to port out. Be careful not to port to another TracFone brand like TotalWireless since it will be the same deal.

    Their escalation department also is bad and won't respond for weeks.

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