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Thread: Buying an iPhone from Apple w/ Apple Payment + existing 1y free service on Sprint?

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    Buying an iPhone from Apple w/ Apple Payment + existing 1y free service on Sprint?


    I am planning to buy an iPhone 8 plus 256GB from apple online store with Apple Payment Plan which is less than $40/mo for 24mo. paid to Apple. In the checkout process it asks me to connect to the carrier. I'm on Sprint's free 1y BYOP plan, so I entered the number from sprint, then the checkout page says there's a $30 upgrade fee.

    At this point, I started to wonder if any change will apply to my free 1y plan (in the worst case, like, my plan will be switched to a paid plan?)
    1. since I have changed my BYOP phone before and there's no upgrade fee at all.
    2. And since the iPhone is unlocked I will be able to switch to other carrier anytime before the phone is paid down. It sounds too good to be true for a phone in payment plan. or it's a bug to carriers.
    3. On "My Sprint" page, when I click "manage my device"-"upgrade", it says "Upgrade available (7/1/19)" which is 2 ys after the free 1y promo starting date! I feel like I'm doing something out of contract when trying to buy a new phone from Apple instead of Sprint, and Sprint will punish me with some outstanding charge (the $30 upgrade fee is just the beginning)or even eliminate my free plan!

    Anyone has idea how this payment plan work?

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    It sounds like a carrier-co-sponsored upgrade to me (the carrier-independent phones usually come later) so I doubt you can just do it and keep the free plan except with Sprint approval.

    So call Sprint at 866-782-8777 and ask them about all this.

    Some people are reporting Sprint is offering some upgrades early to people on the free plan but I do not have details. Some say people who joined before date X can upgrade beginning Oct. 1, others beginning Dec. 1.

    There is language in the plan that people who upgrade before their eligibility date lose the free plan so you need to check it out in detail with Sprint. Probably it counts as an "upgrade" even if ordered through Apple if Apple coordinates it with Sprint (as they are doing here if you order the Sprint model).

    Otherwise you may have to wait for the carrier-independent version and buy that without involving Sprint, and that should be able to be swapped in to your free plan with no "upgrade" involved.
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    Buying an iPhone from Apple w/ Apple Payment + existing 1y free service on Sp...

    Why not just order the sim free (unlocked version) and finance it vs selecting the sprint model. They are same phone minus carrier lock.

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