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Thread: FM's Note 8 compatible with big 3?

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    FM's Note 8 compatible with big 3?

    Does anyone know if I can use FM's Note 8 on the Big 3's network if I want to switch later on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacsniper View Post
    Does anyone know if I can use FM's Note 8 on the Big 3's network if I want to switch later on?
    Yes you can it's the same model for all Canadian carriers.

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    You can use the device but the LTE will be crippled and you must update the carrier software so it will support the LTE band for the Big-3. Freedom Mobile uses band 66 for LTE and when provisioned with a Freedom Mobile SIM, will support full LTE. Should you decide to put your LTE SIM in from another carrier, you will see the dreaded 4G and wonder... "what the heck". In order to make the phone compatible, do the following:

    ■ Ensure you have all your information backed up.
    ■ Make sure your phone is unlocked to support another carrier SIM - I use cellunlocker -
    ■ Once the device is unlocked and your new carrier SIM inserted, obtain your phones IMEI number by dialling: *#06# from the dialpad
    ■ Record your IMEI number
    ■ Enter the following code from the dialpad: *#272*<IMEI number># - You'll be prompted with a carrier settings menu
    ■ TLS = Telus/Koodo/Public Mobile
    ■ BMC = Bell Mobility Corp/Virgin
    ■ RWC = Rogers Wireless/Fido/Chat-R
    ■ GLW = Globalive Wireless/WIND/Freedom/Soon to be Shaw

    Once you select the carrier code, select install. It will install the carrier settings/firmware/bloatware and unlock the specific frequencies for that carrier. You can do this as many times as you want when switching carriers to ensure it works accordingly with your carrier. I posted this ions ago in the xda-developers forums for those who wish to use their Samsung devices for other carriers as this is a menu not available in the general settings.

    Enjoy using your device with your new carrier!

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