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Thread: Extreme data throttling on TFW AT&T (128kbps)

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    Extreme data throttling on TFW AT&T (128kbps)

    I've been seeing abysmal speeds on TracFone AT&T BYOP lately. I'm not a huge data user because I have wifi most of the time and transfer a lot of content to my phone rather than constantly stream it, but even basic tasks like loading webpages, checking the weather, or sending an email have been painfuly slow.

    I went up to a small mountain town last weekend and my data was so slow it was useless. I tested my speeds and was only getting 128kbps. Back in the suburbs after this trip, I've been getting 533kbps - 3.5mbps with an average of somewhere around 1-2mbps. It used to average at least 6mbps on this phone.

    I also intermittently have data outages where my phone won't connect to cellular data at all. My phone displays the ! by the cell signal and if I toggle airplane mode I can usually get data again.

    Currently I'm on a Verizon phone that only supports 3G on AT&T (after my last phone's battery exploded), so I know that could be part of the issue. Is tracfone sending anybody else back in time to when ISDN was fast and making them think about getting rid of TFW entirely?

    I used to check my speeds, I find it more accurate than speedtest which may get priority.

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    I would bet a nickel it's your phone - 3G slower than 4G / LTE. 3G to be phased out in a few years / sooner. It's my impression that
    generally AT&T on TF has good data speeds. Perhaps others will chime in , or you can search other threads about that topic. Just my 2 cents.

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    You need an 4g LTE phone these days.. It's only going to get worse. The Verizon phone probably does not have all the bands ATT uses, even for 3g HSPA.

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    At home I see 3 to 4 Mb/s but down the road a bit I usually see 20 to 30 Mb/s.

    Galaxy SOL (Cricket branded) unlocked with Tracfone GSM sim/service. -- 4G LTE ---

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