This is the message I received when I tried to port the number to Google Voice:

Porting your mobile number to Google Voice is unavailable
Your mobile number can not be ported at this time.
- This number appears to be from an area we don't currently support for porting.

I know a friend of mine had one heck of a time when he tried to port form Straight Talk. Porting in was no problem....Wally World did it in minutes and his new phone was working with his old number when he went out the door. The problem was when he decided to go back to post paid, he went to several places and nobody could do it. Best Buy finally told him to go back to Wally World, buy the cheapest prepaid Verizon phone he could get and have them port his number. Best Buy could then move him from Verizon prepaid to a post paid phone but it cost him a prepaid phone, $30 airtime card and a trip to Wally World to get the job done.

What bothers me about US Cellular is there is nothing at all about them on these forums, it's like they are dead and going away. They told me in the store this morning that there is a difference between the US Cellular prepaid that you buy at Wally World and what they have in the store. From the information I received, they are unable to move a prepaid customer to post paid, it feels like they would snatch up an AT&T customer, no problem, but they don't really give a crap about their own customers.

I guess I'll have to see if a Verizon store can port me back out, it might be possible but I'll never figure out how to do it myself.