I recently bought a Verizon branded Motorola E4 (XT1767) and unlocked it to use with an AT&T SIM. Everything worked great for about a week.

Today, all of a sudden, I could not connect to a cellular network anymore. I checked the phone settings and the IMEI is no longer available. I tried *#06# and the phone app crashes. The baseband version is unknown. I cannot access any of the Network Settings menu items, they're all greyed out.

I have NOT tried to root or do anything related to custom flashing, including unlocking the bootloader. The most I did was disable a few of the Verizon included bloatware apps. Also, afaik, there weren't any OS updates.

Does this mean my phone just crapped out, as in hardware failure? Any other explanations for this? If so, should I return the phone to Walmart or try to get repairs from Motorola? Thanks for any advice you might have for me.