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Thread: Prepaid services with Netgear LB2120 -- don't do what I did

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    Prepaid services with Netgear LB2120 -- don't do what I did

    Services I've tried --

    Tracfone (AT&T), Freedompop (AT&T) -- These both worked great, after fiddling with the APN settings. But, the data is kind of expensive, and I ran into a need for more; so, I thought I'd try one of the unlimited plans (which aren't available from those MVNOs).

    Simple Mobile -- It looks like it's connected, but no data moves. I research it, and learn too late that tethering is totally banned on Simple Mobile. Apparently you can get around it by fooling with the TTL of outgoing packets... yeah. Anyway, I then tried --

    MetroPCS -- They had a tier that explicitly allows tethering. Great, I thought. Only to find that MetroPCS requires the IMEI of each device to be registered in their system -- and they refused to accept the LB2120. Well, at least the tethering works, with the SIM in my phone.

    So, that's two expensive lessons. I'm wondering if anyone has any better advice?

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    Um, an anti-depressant?

    Seriously, I'm grateful AT&T has formally embraced hotspots and modems on Unlimited Choice/Plus, without the onerous restrictions Verizon has. They are the only carrier that has done that. T-Mobile still prefers/biases phone-as-modem and Sprint is well, I don't want to comment.

    It is putting pressure on the other carriers to stop treating PCs as a point to overcharge and deny unlimited - particularly when phones and tablets now consume more data on average than PCs (thanks to Netflix and Pokemon GO).

    P.S. You should have asked... Simple Mobile uses the same tethering checks/system as T-Mobile, just with a 0KB tethering limit. You can use One+ International with an LB2120, but if your usage exceeds 50GB you run the risk of getting a call/terminated. T-Mobile requires 2x smartphone usage to PC usage when exceeding 50GB. Been there, tested everything you have. (Temp Mod Note: Non-profit)

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