HTC is not doing that well lately, with few customers interested in their smartphones. The company's situation has been bad for years, and the rumour started that it might give up on making new flagships. Well, worry no more, HTC fans, because HTC's senior PR manager, Jeff Gordon, has made a statement on Twitter, according to which the firm is hard at work on new flagships. Plural, not singular. Is it just empty bluster or does HTC have something up its sleeve indeed? All we know right now is that HTC Ocean, an upgraded version of HTC 10, is presumable being worked upon. We have already informed You about the innovation this phone is supposed to bring with its touch-sensitive sides that will perform a variety of functions.<Br>Well, if HTC wants to stay in the mobile game, it needs to release a good phone. Lets hope that HTC Ocean will be such phone. What do you think? Are HTC's days numbered?

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