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Thread: esn/imei shows financed device even after paying off etf

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    esn/imei shows financed device even after paying off etf

    I purchased a Iphone 7 plus on a two year contract thru bestbuy before vzw did away with them. I ported the number out back in March and paid the ETF fee. I have no problems using the phone on other carriers(currently using it on sprint) but the esn/imei always comes back as the device is still being financed when I check online with any imei checker. So now I've spent half a day on the phone with vzw and the people I've been talking to have no idea how to get that cleared and all they tell me is it's good to use on any carrier. Is there a certain department I need to get a hold of that would be able to get this cleared up? I'm mainly trying to get it cleared so I can sell it, Thanks!

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    Try a third party Unbarring service

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    3rd party sites are not always accurate and Verizon has no control over what a 3rd party site does.

    Since you paid the ETF you are fine to sell it as a free and clear device. If the buyer tries to get a refund based on the status listed on these 3rd party sites ask them to provide you with a letter on Verizon letterhead that states there is a balance or ETF due in the phone.

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