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Thread: Using ipad mini on att prepaid $45 plan/not working redirected to a webpage

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    Using ipad mini on att prepaid $45 plan/not working redirected to a webpage

    I have a question, I have the $45 plan with 6 gb of data, works fine on my phone, but if I pop the sim in my iPad mini 2 I get a signal/lte fine if I try to go to a website I get redirected to a website that says I don't have any data. I don't understand what the big deal is its not like I have the unlimited plan. Any one have any ideas why they would block it?

    I also tried turning off stream saver on my account and that didnt work. Also I do have a cricket plan and I'm able to swap my sim from my iphone on cricket into my ipad and it works fine, no issues. I was thinking about just using Att Prepaid and cancelling cricket at some point because hotspot is included and canada roaming in the plan but can't get it to work with my ipad.
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    why not just tether the ipad to the phone using the phones hotspot setting.

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    I never went that way, I always went for putting the ipad sim into phones. Att may blocking that imei. Another thought is have you change your apn. Ipads use the broadband apn and phones have a different one. Google the ATT's phone apn and then google how to change the apn on your ipad.

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