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Thread: Simple Choice is back for Business Customers

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    Simple Choice is back for Business Customers

    “The Internet wasn’t meant to be metered in bits and bytes, so it’s insane that wireless companies are still making you buy it this way. The rate plan is dead — it’s a fossil from a time when wireless was metered by every call or text.” John Legere 1/5/2017

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    Did it ever leave?

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    I think they had been pushing T-Mobile One for business:

    Probably realized that a lot of companies weren't interested in paying for unlimited data for their employees.

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    We have six business lines - and rarely do any of them go over 1G of data. Just one line did one time in the past year. We pay about $150 a month for the six lines including fees and taxes. If we had switched to T-One, it would have raised our bill by 50 or $60 a month.
    However, I have been thinking it might pay to switch, because, you get a "kickback" (rebate) of $10 a month per line that stays under 2G of data. I need to figure out if the cost comes out to be about the same. One advantage we would get is-higher data speeds overseas.
    GoogleVoice (domestic call forwarding and cheap intl. calls) Use GV to give us a "home" number in a 2nd location
    6 T-Mobile lines - Unlimited talk and text, data. 2G fast data on each line . $120/mo. + taxes. We have had no landline in more than 10 years.

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