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Thread: NEED ADVICE: New to T-mobile. Please suggest a plan for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bolthead View Post
    Or ignore completely

    Attachment 154192
    He had a good point in that I got it wrong about the T-Mobile 2G. However, as for the rest, where he asks me to state what I have said long before, in new discussions as an attempt to pick a fight, I have dealt with by creating a new discussion item elsewhere where I can paste a boiler-plate response without polluting any new discussion items.

    After all, the point of this item is to help the LA person with T-Mobile plan questions, and not to keep doing a sort of "Peter Griffin vs Giant Chicken" fight across multiple discussion items, no matter how irrelevant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2400zr View Post
    I very clearly stated that I do not know what today’s coverage numbers are, as in the sq miles each covers today.
    But that didn't prevent you from making this statement: "so if AT&T hasn’t expanded any in the last year then that is approximately 30% greater coverage. "

    Here's what Verizon states: "Over 2.4 million square miles or about 400,000 square miles more coverage than the nearest competitor. 5"

    When you look at footnote 5 on their website it turns out their nearest competitor is not AT&T, but it is T-Mobile:

    "5. T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage as of Q4 2016. "

    So that states that T-Mobile has 2 million square miles of coverage and it is actually ahead of AT&T, not behind it as NotABiot falsely claimed.

    Even OpenSignal confirmed this in their Feb 2017 report:

    "In our last report, T-Mobile surpassed AT&T, and in our most recent tests T-Mobile has closed the gap separating it from Verizon to within 2 percentage points. Users were able to connect to the T-Mobile network 86.6% of the time, while we measured AT&T's 4G availability at 82.2%."

    Quote Originally Posted by NotABiot View Post
    The only way to win this is not to play.
    Or to not post incorrect information in the first place.

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