I really need help selecting a phone. My phone numbers are currently parked on 2 US Cellular prepaid flip phones. I don't see these phones lasting more than a few months being a cheap piece of plastic. There's no real reason to hurry into anything I don't fully understand because I have a phone I can make and receive calls on, so nobody I talk to knows any different. My only reason for having a preference for Verizon is because I'm happy with their coverage area and I know my phone will work where I need it to. With US Cellular, I can't get a signal while inside the building at work and my calls go straight to voice mail without my phone ever ringing. My boss has an Iphone on Verizon and it works just fine from inside the building.

My mom doesn't really think she needs a phone and she doesn't want to pay $25 a month for the US Cellular phone, but she did say she might like a Straight Talk home phone with unlimited long distance for $15 a month. She either wants a prepaid plan or to be on my plan if it isn't too much but she doesn't think it's really worth it for her. She said the bottom line is she doesn't want her name on the account and she wants something simple and easy to use.

I ordered a Moto G5 from Amazon and was going to use it on Verizon prepaid. The lady at WalMart told me I would have to wait 30 days before I could port back out of US Cellular and I would have to buy one of their prepaid phones to do it. The guy at the Verizon store told me they could put the G5 on any plan for me as it's factory unlock for any carrier but it was not a very good choice, instead he suggested I sell it on eBay and pick one of several phones he suggested. I checked with Sprint and they suggested a different phone but US Cellular has yet a different phone.

I'm worried now I have too much time to make a decision, I'm just going to over analyze this and get more confused the more people I talk to. I guess since it's on prepaid, if we can't figure out how to get my number back out, I'll just let it go. I really wanted to move my number to Google Voice but my number can't be moved to Google Voice