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Thread: Fido will PM other carriers plus give $150 off

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    Fido will PM other carriers plus give $150 off

    I am on a medium plan, and looking to upgrade to either the iPhone 7 Plus, 8, or 8 Plus. Fido says it will match any other carrier's price on the phone on a similar-priced plan, plus give me $150 off, and another $100 bill credit, plus let me use Fidodollars.

    Does anyone know any carriers that have deals ($300 range) on the 7 plus, 8 or 8 plus, on a plan comparable to Fido's medium plan which I could refer to, to get a deal?

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    I thought they don't allow iPhone 8 for medium plan?

    I'll be porting my medium plan over to Bell Business plan. $67.50/month on premium plan instead of medium. And $400 port in credit.

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