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Thread: Help, need plan advice

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    Help, need plan advice

    Hey all. I currently have Verizon 5 gig single line plan. My girlfriend has Virgin Mobile, but id like to add her to my account. When she moved in this past week, we found her service lacking. So, what plan can I move to and add her to my account that isnt too expensive? I rarely go over 5 gig, and neither does she.

    I pay about $58/mo including taxes(company discount 21%). She pays $35 on whatever Virgin Mobile plan she has. If I go to a 2 phone unlimited plan, that takes me to $130. Really didnt want to pay that much. But if I have to I have to. Just trying to get ideas, as id like to change this weekend if I could. Currently, her phone is(i think) a samsung J7 bought from Walmart. Being Virgin Mobile, im thats running Sprint?, id need a new phone also. She doesnt need anything fancy.

    Alright, heading to work. Ill check back when I can. Much appreciated!

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    The 8 GB plan is $70. Your total would be $95 + tax. (($70 - 21%) + $20 + $20). That gives you 8 GB to share.

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    If you're happy with the plan & price you already have then why not just put your GF on Verizon prepaid? Or an even better option would be to port her to BOOM mobile which still uses Verizon's network & you get more data for less money than Verizon's own prepaid.
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