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    Info about locked/unlocked iPhone 7

    Are Apples Records ever incorrect about a device being sim locked? Looking at a 7 NIB that someone thinks is locked, but apple says locked and they cannot determine the carrier. The person won the phone at a raffle. Anyway to tell what carrier it might be locked to?

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    Run the phones imei / esn On -

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    Comes up with:
    Not blacklisted
    Clear Activation Status - appears to be activation ready
    Possible Devices:
    Unlocked [A1660]
    Verizion [A1660]
    Sprint [A1660]
    Att [A1660]

    Does this indicate it is unlocked for any carrier?

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    if they won the phone and it has not been remotely set up yet or carrier activated, it may not be tied to any carrier. all of the verizon iPhones come factory unlocked. i have seen apple reps when replacing devices at the genius bar turn on a phone and given a "select carrier" menu upon device boot up.

    sounds like the phone was purchased outright and since it has not been activated, it is probably factory unlocked and waiting for user input by selecting a carrier or inserting a sim card. that may then either initiate a lock sequence or not.

    my verizon iPhone 7 is unlocked and gives an "unknown" for lock status on one of those IMEI checker sites. i dunno if i can trust swappa's IMEI checker. i ran my IMEI and it says its activation ready. my phone is currently NOT activation ready as its tied to my account.thats not good.

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