About 6 months ago i bought a "new" Samsung Note Edge from Ebay It was sold as a 915F unlocked international which was what i wanted. When it finally came 2 weeks late i get it and it was a 915T which i was really ok with as i am on Tmobile and it was new and pretty. It had android 5 on it and within a week i was looking to upgrade it to android 6.
Thats when things went wrong. I had installed the app Phone info and found out that the phone was a hacked AT&T phone, The tag behind the battery said 915T but the S/N and IMEI on the tag did not match what the APP showed.
So i found the correct AT&T firmware for 6.01 flashed with Odin and things were fine for 5 months. For whatever reason the phone hangs, locks up and reboots all the time. I have reflashed a few times with versions 6.01 a few different versions, I have gone back to 5.11 and they all have the same problems. I have cleared cache formated, and started clean many times and even without loading my google account so that there is no way that i am putting any thing on it it still hangs, locks up and reboots. So what i want to do is to put the T mobile 5.11 that it came with but i have no idea what to do or what to use and EVERYTHING i have read and searched says it is impossible to load tmobile firmware on a AT&T phone! I know this can not be true as my phone came with it so i am here asking anyone how can i do this as it was done with this phone before. Thank you for reading this long post and i hope somebody can help me.
Thank you