First notice this last month, and then again tonight:

I renew my $39.95 plan by adding "Paygo" - cash - PINs instead of adding another plan PIN. I began doing this a year or two ago when PP had trouble applying plan PINs to existing plans. Cash PINs have always worked, though.

I notice now that as soon as I apply a cash PIN, the text for balance (BAL) to 7243 returns a 0.0 MB data used message, zeroing out my usage, instead of waiting for the current "month" to expire, when the next $39.95 is taken from my balance and applied to renew the plan another month.

The website still show accurate usage data, fortunately. But the text message balance will always show usage since the last time I added cash to the account, and not since plan renewal. E.g., my plan renews at the end of the first day of the month (Sunday), so Saturday and Sunday's usage will be added to the total data used reported all the next month in the text messages. Again, the website will report correct information.

Not a big deal, since it always over-reports. Wondering if anyone else experiences this.